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SELF-MASSAGE TIPS THAT WILL MAKE you feel better immediately.

Nov 9

SELF-MASSAGE TIPS THAT WILL MAKE you feel better immediately.

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Massages can make you feel better, even when your body is hurting. We know that not everyone has the money to afford the cost of a massage. These are some of the ways to relieve common aches and pains.

The simple techniques for self-massage can help you feel better, relax nerves, increase blood flow, and boost lymphatic circulation.


Self-massage for migraines

Migraine can be one of the most disruptive events in your life. Massage and tablets are easy solutions. They can aid in treating nausea and throes. To alleviate symptoms, apply pressure to different facial points using acupressure. Below are four acupressure points that can be used to identify migraine attacks.


  • Third eye point. To relieve pressure, put pressure on the spot that the bridge of your nose meets your forehead for about one minute.

  • Tips for a beautiful face. Apply your index fingers to the sides of your face to the point where your cheekbones join your nose.

  • Glow point. This is the point that is just behind your jaws. Pressuring it with your fingers will help to ease tension in your neck and head.

  • The Heavenly Pillar Point. Press this spot at the top of your skull to get maximum head relief.


For back pain, self-massage

Desk jobs can cause back pain, but there's a solution to avoid this embarrassing slouch. You can relax your back muscles with an easy self-massage.


  • Set your back on an un-porous surface, then put your feet at a distance of about shoulder width.

  • Place a foam roller on your midsection right below your shoulder blades.

  • Massage your back by using moving your back with a rocking motion towards or away from your feet to relieve tension points. Massage your back.


Self-massage for neck and shoulder discomfort


Your skull's muscles work to provide balance and support. While it's tempting to touch their backs with your fingers There are other methods to show your affection. This is what you can accomplish with a tennis ball:


  • Set up a tennis ball between your body and the wall.

  • Move your head sideways by lifting your arm above your head.

  • You can move the ball around to relieve lower back pain.


The pain of menstrual cramps can be eased through self-massage


Women often feel pain in their lower back when it's affected by inflammation. This easy, yet effective exercise will help ease the pain and discomfort.


  • Your back must be flat to the floor.

  • Two tennis balls must be placed under your lower back.

  • Massage the region by lifting your hips and lowering them.


Self-massage for feet to relieve pain


The massage can be performed on your desk. This is wonderful! The massage requires a tennis ball. After that, remove your shoes and socks. Then, place the ball onto your feet. Firmly press your heels. If you are having trouble running, try rolling the ball around in small circles.


People are most likely to have massages to their necks and shoulders. It's not surprising, given how much of our time in the day is spent sitting. The same places can store stress which can cause tension and pain. It's not expected, however, how much our increasingly active lifestyles are affecting our bodies. These days we're so dependent upon technology that our forearms are aching.


Massage our necks and shoulders. You can add depth to this technique by lowering your ear to the side, allowing you to stretch the trapezius muscles.

To make sweeping strokes from elbow to wrist place your forearm on the flat surface. The thumb can be employed to make circles. Continue to "grab" your upper arm with your opposite thumb, moving toward the shoulder.


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