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The NYC Marriage Counselling Retreat Centre Helping Couples in Crisis

May 24

After getting married, things are sweet and smooth. However, after some weeks, months, or years, things change. Couples start experiencing unending conflicts and issues. This happens due to a lack of respect and taking each other for granted. Other problems come due to financial challenges, non-commitment from one or both parties, and lack of understanding. Poor communication is also a serious factor affecting marriages. When you reach this point, you need to seek help. An Affair of the Heart offers NYC Marriage Counseling retreats to help couples in crisis. Come to our retreats if you want to:

Save Your Marriage

At some point, you can be thinking about getting a divorce. But that should be the last option. You should find ways to save your marriage. Coming to our Relationship Retreat can do you good and stop you from thinking about divorce or separation. Our team will help you address those underlying issues that are making your relationship weak. We will help you work on your communication and enlighten you on how to solve conflicts that come your way.

Be Respectful and Understanding

Respect is one of the building blocks of a happy marriage. If there is no respect for your partner's values, beliefs, opinions, ideas, and other things, your relationship will never be okay. Also, understanding is essential in relationships. You need to be understanding to live happily together. You will learn how to respect and understand each other when you come to our Marriage Retreats.

Rebuild Trust 

Cheating is a serious thing affecting many marriages. It is one of the most hurtful things that can happen to someone. It is a challenge to forgive and forget your partner for being unfaithful. But if you want to do it, it can happen. Come to our retreats, and we will help you internalize the whole thing, think of how far you have come and your plans as a couple. Couples Counseling Retreat will help you heal and rebuild the broken trust. Within days you will be okay and say you are ready to move forward together as a happy couple.

Rebuild Connection and Sexual Attraction 

We understand that you are tired of living like roommates or not enjoying intimacy anymore like you used to. But that should be a thing of the past when you come to our NYC Couples Therapy retreats. We have a team of marriage therapists who will listen to both of you and help you strengthen your bond and sexual attraction so that you enjoy your love like you used to immediately after getting married. 

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