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What's New on the Denver Zoo: A Try to find the Exciting Changes in Store

May 31

The Denver Zoo is one of one of the most preferred traveler locations in Colorado. With over 1.5 million site visitors annually, it's very easy to see why! The zoo is home to hundreds of animals from around the world, as well as uses a range of displays and also activities for site visitors of all ages. Recently, the zoo has actually gone through some major changes as well as updates, which we're thrilled to show to you! Below are 10 exciting new updates at the Denver Zoo that you will not intend to miss out on!

The Denver Zoo revealed a couple of months ago that the flamingo display would be obtaining a magnificent brand-new upgrade, as well as extra amazing news has actually recently been revealed. The Zoo will certainly additionally be building an Australian as well as New Zealand-themed habitat that is expected to open up to visitors in 2019.

One of the much more intriguing features of this new exhibition is just how close it will bring site visitors to some of the area's most varied plants and also animals. A walk-through wallaby area, as an example, will be situated in the middle of the Down Under experience, enabling site visitors to share an environment with these beautiful pets as well as far better comprehend their habitat by involving themselves in it.

The enclosure for Australia as well as New Zealand will certainly occupy about 2 acres of the Zoo's premises. The landscaping throughout the display will aim to resemble the area's ecological communities.

An unique initiative will certainly be made to boost the habitats for existing Australian and New Zealand species, such as the cassowaries as well as kea, that already stay on website throughout the project.

The very first "conservation terminal" in the Zoo's background will belong to this exhibition, which will use visitors the opportunity to implement conservation lessons and tasks. Additionally, there will be space for educational initiatives and modest celebrations.

The Down Under experience will be settling in the area previously inhabited by Bird World, which permanently closed at the conclusion of 2019. Demolition has already started and also a brand-new exhibit is anticipated to debut in summer 2023.

Animals of the Denver Zoo

Baby Rhino

The Denver Zoo invited this child rhinocerous at the end of February... and also she still needs a name! Vote to name her Talli, Pemba, or Joona at

Tiny Tortoise

This micro tortoise is among the tiniest in the world and was birthed at the Zoo in December. He currently considers about as much as a dime!

Red Panda Cub

The red panda cubs were birthed in early January as well as are ultimately old adequate to discover their display with mother.

Snow Leopard Cubs

These 2 snow leopard cubs were birthed at the zoo in November and have actually been spending time bonding with their mom in an off-exhibit area.

Giraffe Calf

The Denver Zoo welcomed a male Masai giraffe calf bone on December 28! He stands at over six feet tall as well as is still growing.

Lion cubs

The Denver Zoo is home to two African lion cubs, born in very early November. They are presently off-exhibit with their mom but can be seen on the Giraffe Savannah during public giraffe feedings.

Prairie Dog Pups

These pasture canine puppies were birthed in July as well as are now big enough to join the rest of their family members in their exhibition.

Bison Calf

The Denver Zoo welcomed a brand-new bison calf bone in September! He is one of three calf bones birthed this year and can be seen grazing on the levels with his mom and the rest of the herd.

Below are 9 exciting new updates at the Denver Zoo!

  1. The Denver zoo has actually added a new African Savannah exhibition, which is house to lions, giraffes, zebras, and also a lot more!
  2. A new sea lion pool has actually been included, where site visitors can see the sea lions swim as well as play.
  3. The popular gorillas exhibit has undertaken a major restoration, as well as now includes a brand-new indoor area for the gorillas to delight in.
  4. A new educational center has actually been constructed, where site visitors can discover the animals as well as the zoo's conservation efforts.
  5. The zoo now offers a behind the curtain tour, where site visitors can see exactly how the pets are cared for and also discover the zoo's operations.
  6. A new restaurant, The Pride of the Rockies, has actually been developed near the African Savannah display.
  7. The zoo has included a new gift store, which offers a range of items connected to all the pets as well as preservation.
  8. The zoo now uses an annual subscription, that includes complimentary admission for a year as well as various other benefits.
  9. A new web site has actually been launched, which makes it simpler to acquire tickets, plan your check out, and learn more about the zoos and also aquariums as well as displays.

Zoo Led Programs

Offer a special and also enjoyable discovering experience that is both economical and also high quality. Our zoo leaders teachers are passionate regarding their work and also have a riches of expertise to share about the natural world.

The Denver Zoo offers numerous possibilities for individuals of any ages to find out about pets and also preservation. There are classes and camps for youngsters, educational programs for grownups, as well as volunteer opportunities for those who intend to get even more included.

The Denver Zoo is just one of one of the most checked out cultural destination in the state of Colorado, pulling in over 2 million site visitors annually. The zoo is located simply minutes from midtown Denver in City Park, and also is easily accessible by cars and truck, bus, or public transportation. With so much to see and also do, it's no surprise the Denver Zoo is among the most popular attractions in the city!

This is only a portion of the many modifications and amazing new additions pertaining to the Denver Zoo, so make certain to stay tuned for more information! As well as if you're planning a see to see these impressive pets in person, make certain to check out our internet site for ticket reservations as well as price cuts. We can't wait to see you quickly!

We wish you'll come see us quickly and also check out every one of the new updates at the Denver Zoo! We know you'll love them as long as we do!

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