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The Marriage Counseling Retreat Center Helping Couples in Crisis

Oct 24

Marriage is sweet, but some hiccups can spoil the mood. But you don't have to give up on your marriage because of common issues. Most marriage issues have a solution, depending on how you approach them. Going to your counselor is a good solution, but you may not see desired results on time. It can take a long time, probably months or years, to see a significant improvement. So you should consider a Marriage therapy retreat. An Affair Of The Heart is a trusted retreat center helping married couples with minor or major issues. Here are various issues we can address.

If Contemplating Divorce

If you are contemplating asking for a divorce or both of you want to end things prematurely, we got you covered. We know that divorce is one of the hardest things married couples can deal with. We also know that it should be the last solution. If you haven't tried our couples weekend retreat therapy, you should not think about divorce. You should come to our retreat, and our trained and experienced marriage therapists will salvage your relationship. It won't be easy, but our team will assist you.

Overcoming an Affair

If you or your partner has been involved in an affair, you should come to our marriage counseling retreat. During the retreat, you will have time to reflect and talk to each other. Additionally, our team will help you process the emotions and heal. We will also use our expertise to help you rebuild the broken trust and start a new journey with renewed vows. You will leave the retreat as a happy couple, ready to face life together. 

Problems with Sexual Intimacy

If you have lost connection or have unhealed wounds, you may not enjoy sexual intimacy in your marriage. But there is hope. Our trained therapists will help you heal, reestablish trust and rekindle your love. It is a process, and we will ensure we get your love matters on the right track. Our team will also guide you in dealing with future issues and enjoying sexual intimacy to the fullest all the time. Every day will be a honeymoon after leaving our couples therapy weekend.


Living Like Roommates

If you have been living like roommates with your partner and that is not your wish, we can help. We offer retreat services to help reestablish your connection and rebuild your relationship from scratch. We will help you live like newlyweds again.

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