Missouri voters approved on November 6th 2018 a ballot initiative to legalize medical marijuana for those with qualifying conditions. However, Missourians have been able to legally extract hemp from their cannabis plants since 2014, when the Missouri Hemp Extraction Program was launched.

Fast forward to 2018, Missouri voters decided to legalize the possession, distribution, and use medical marijuana for qualifying conditions. It is now legal in Missouri. Amendment 2 was adopted in November 2018 and allowed state licensed doctors to recommend marijuana for patients who have serious illnesses or medical conditions.

According to Article XI, the Missouri constitution, a qualifying condition for medical treatment is the following:

  • Cancer
  • Epilepsy
  • Glaucoma
  • Chronic migraines that refuse to respond to other treatments
  • A chronic medical condition that causes severe, constant pain or persistent spasms.
  • Debilitating disorders of the psychiatric system, including post-traumatic stress disorder, are diagnosed by licensed psychiatrists in each state.
  • Human immunodeficiencyvirus or acquired immune deficit syndrome
  • A chronic medical condition where prescription medications are used. This could lead to psychological or physical dependence. However, if a physician believes that medical marijuana is safe and effective for the condition, medical marijuana may be recommended.
  • A terminal illness
  • According to the professional judgment of a doctor, any other chronic or debilitating condition (including but not limited) medical condition.
  • amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, Crohn’s Disease and Huntington’s Disease, Autism, neuropathies.

The 2018 law covers all aspects Missouri medicinal marijuana production, distribution, and ownership. While you can find the current rules document, this excerpt from the document explains some of the rules that underlie cultivation.

“Qualifying patient or primary caregivers may obtain identification cards from this department. This card will contain unique, identifying numbers each patient and caregiver patient relationship. A qualifying patient may be granted an identification card by the department to allow them to cultivate up 6(6) flowering marijuana plants.

Patients who are interested to cultivate cannabis must follow strict guidelines regarding the responsibility and the quantity of their plants. Learn more about Missouri’s medical marijuana laws.


Missouri patients who desire to possess, purchase, and use medical cannabis must pay attention to two areas.

The best place to start…

Missouri law requires patients to get certification from a physician licensed in Missouri. This is where https://www.420id.com can help. 420ID understands that telemedicine is becoming more popular, particularly with the events of 2020. It provides HIPAA-compliant technology so that patients can access the doctor they need without having to travel. The patient is able to complete the entire process from the privacy and security of their own house.

Licensees must obtain certifications from physicians to be able to apply for Missouri Medical Marijuana ID Card and to recertify when the card is due to expire. It’s all done electronically, so no office visit is required.


Now that you have your card…

With a Medical Marijuana cards in hand, patients can access local dispensaries. Here experts can assess their needs and recommend products according to 19 CSR30-95.070. The products offered range from pure cannabis flowers to marijuana-infused products that conform with food safety standards. There are limitations on the amount of medical marijuana dispensaries can offer patients. These limitations are also set out in the document.

Access to alternative treatment options offered by big pharmaceutical companies has been long delayed. Missouri now allows patients with serious medical issues to have medical marijuana. But, it’s crucial that every patient is familiar with the rules and regulations for purchasing it and using it. It’s also important to be well informed on the restrictions so you aren’t breaking any laws. Get schedule today: